Grooved Coloured Doors

Here you will find a range of interior grooved coloured doors which come with glazing options of your choice. Heard of flush door? To put it in a nutshell grooved doors are evolved versions of the flush door collection, with dazzling designs. The elegance of the grooves comes from the doors inside. Therefore, it conducts the sensation of freshness and novelty which anyone’s house has the hunger for. Combining different glazing options along with insane groove composition can make a super contemporary design like the 941-VT lacquered, or a more condensed design like a 922 lacquered which is simply beautiful. To add extra exclusiveness to your door you can choose different detail option such as particular groove features or uncommon groove types.

For more information on any additional extras that you can include to your door, please see bottom of the page.

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Door options

This is a small example of the doors we can provide for you. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to guide you through some of the options available.

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