Industrial Coloured Doors

Here you will find a collection of interior industrial coloured doors which are simple and sleek. These industrial doors have a solid steel look but are made out of wood giving them a warm feel. These doors acquire an industrial look to them due to the minimalistic design and sleek in style. The large glass that is used with these doors creates a more spacious feel as well as allowing more sunlight to enter the room filling it with exuberance and warmth. The doors vary from a more simplistic layout like the WK6328 or more wild linear design such as the WK6316. A great way to make these industrial interior doors very practical is to combine them with the pocket door system and save space in rooms that are smaller.

For more information on any additional extras that you can include to your door, please see bottom of the page.

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This is a small example of the doors we can provide for you. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to guide you through some of the options available.

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