Inlay Coloured Doors

This selection of doors contains general wooden inlays, a wide range of coloured foil inserts and many colours of aluminium strips to spice up the look of a lacquered door. This range of our coloured internal doors have a unique geometric layout to the inlays giving them an intriguing look and a textured feel of solid wood. The aluminium inlays sit flush with the surface of door giving it a sleek look. Our range of Line and Inlay doors vary from, elegant and neat like our AL-9100 lacquered model or a more striking design like a AL9022-VTE Lacquered model to harmonise into any interior decor. You can upgrade any of these design to come as a sliding door set, for which the mechanism is manufactured to the highest quality in Italy.

For more information on any additional extras that you can include to your door, please see bottom of the page.

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Door options

This is a small example of the doors we can provide for you. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to guide you through some of the options available.

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